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Body Contouring After Weight Loss

Losing weight is only part of the battle. Formerly obese or overweight patients are often faced with an unfortunate side effect – displaced fat deposits and excess skin. Fortunately, Dr. Bharti performs body contouring procedures that can help you reveal a thinner, more toned physique.

Why Undergo Body Contouring?

  • Body contouring is a set of cosmetic procedures that can be customized to address your problem areas. If you suffer from loose skin or fat, you may benefit from body contouring.
  • Multiple procedures are often performed during a single operation. In many cases, this combined approach reduces the overall recovery time and cost associated with body contouring.
  • The best candidates for body contouring in Tennessee will have already reached their ideal weight, and have remained at that weight for at least one year.
  • Body contouring is not capable of creating a "perfect" body but it can significantly improve the overall appearance of your body and eliminate common appearance and hygiene problems caused by excess skin.

Your Body Contouring With Dr. Bharti

  • The length of your procedure will depend on which areas are being treated. Common procedures include liposuction, tummy tuck surgery, arm lift surgery, body lift surgery and thigh lift surgery.
  • All body contouring procedures require incisions to remove excess skin and fat. When possible, Dr. Bharti will conceal incisions within the natural contours of your body.
  • Internal tissue and fat will be removed or repositioned. Muscles may also be tightened. The tightened skin will be redraped over your new contoured shape, and any excess skin will be trimmed away. External incisions will be secured with sutures.
Body Contouring Tennessee After Weight Loss

What to Expect After Body Contouring Surgery in Tennessee

  • Dr. Bharti will provide you with a complete aftercare instruction list to follow to reduce your risk of complications. Exercise or weightlifting should be postponed for several weeks. Sponge baths may also be recommended during the initial stages of recovery.
  • You will be given a compression garment, along with prescription pain medication to alleviate any pain, swelling or bruising you may feel.
  • Total recovery time depends on the number and extent of procedures performed. Most patients are able to resume work and other normal activities within 2-4 weeks.
  • The final results of body contouring will gradually become visible as swelling and bruising resolve over the course of several weeks. Significant weight fluctuations will negatively impact your final results.

Body Contouring Alternatives

  • Unfortunately there are no viable alternatives that can substitute for the skin tightening benefits of body contouring. Surgical intervention is the only way to address significant loose, sagging skin on the body.
  • Several variations of liposuction may be used for fat removal during body contouring. Traditional liposuction, or laser or ultrasound assisted liposuction may be recommended to slim down specific areas.