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Botox® Cosmetic in Johnson City

botox-johnson-cityBotox® Cosmetic is the most popular cosmetic treatment for facial lines and wrinkles. By relaxing the small forehead muscles that cause wrinkling of the brow, Botox provides a younger appearance. The treatment takes just 15-20 minutes in our Johnson City office.

Why Get Botox?

  • Botox Cosmetic can reduce the most common signs of aging, such as frown lines, crow's feet, and forehead lines.
  • When combined with other injectable treatments like Juvederm® or Radiesse®, Botox can help provide a non-surgical or "liquid" face lift.
  • Additional treatments with Botox include therapy for migraines and muscle spasms, or treatment for excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis).

Your Botox Cosmetic Treatment With Dr. Bharti

Before your Botox treatment, your goals and expectations will be discussed. Dr. Bharti will examine your face and determine the best injection locations. These locations will be cleaned and marked prior to injection. No anesthetic is required, but topical anesthetic can be applied if needed.

Botox is injected directly into several points on the forehead using a small needle. The injections only take about 20 minutes, and you can return to your normal routine immediately. Treatment may easily be done on your lunch break.

After Botox injections, you can immediately resume your normal activities. Although no downtime is involved, be sure to follow our postoperative instructions after you leave the office. After three to five days, the results of Botox will become apparent, and wrinkles will begin to disappear. Results of Botox Cosmetic last three to five months, and can be repeated at regular intervals.


  • Consider injectable facial fillers or skin rejuvenation procedures to enhance the results of your Botox treatment.
  • For a long-lasting solution to forehead wrinkles, you may also consider a brow lift.