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Lip Augmentation

Lip augmentation provides enhanced fullness in both lips. This can help restore lack of lip volume caused by genetics, aging, or smoking. It may also help to improve facial balance and proportion.

Why Undergo a Lip Augmentation?

  • To restore lip volume that you have lost due to age, pregnancy or weight loss. Lips can thin over time, changing your appearance.
  • Improve the balance of your face. This can highlight and enhance other facial features.
  • Adding volume to your lips can bring energy to your face. This gives you a youthful and healthy overall look. Light wrinkles around the mouth may be improved.

Your Lip Augmentation with Dr. Bharti

During your initial consultation with plastic surgeon Dr. Bharti, your entire medical history will be reviewed. You will discuss in detail your personal goals and dissatisfaction with your lips.

Your augmentation technique will be determined based on your condition and goals. Possible options include injectable fillers and natural or synthetic implants.

For injectable augmentation, injection sites are chosen and marked. The area is cleaned and the injections are made just below the skin. These injections may include natural or artificial fillers, as well as removed fat from elsewhere on your body.

For implants, small incisions are hidden within the inside corners of your mouth. Local anesthetic may be used. Natural or synthetic implants are inserted through the incisions and positioned within the lips. Natural implants will eventually integrate with the other natural tissues. The incisions will be closed with dissolving sutures.

What to Expect After Treatment in Johnson City

If you undergo lip augmentation with surgical implants, Dr. Bharti may apply bandages or surgical tape to the treated areas.

Injection augmentation typically requires no downtime. You may be able to resume your normal routine immediately. Sutures will often dissolve on their own over the first week.

Lip augmentation may cause some post-treatment swelling or bruising. This should resolve within a few days. Results become clear after swelling goes down.