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Candela V Beam

Candela V Beam laser treatment johnson cityThe Candela V-Beam Laser has been a leading laser treatment for over 20 years. It has been constantly updated to the forefront of the latest cutting-edge skin rejuvenation technology.

This customizable treatment may be targeted toward a wide range of facial irregularities. It features the ability to actively cool the skin during the procedure.

Why Undergo Candela V-Beam Laser Treatment?

  • This laser offers powerful yet gentle treatment of specifically targeted areas. The laser allows treatment of both serious adult pigmentations and small marks on young babies.
  • The Candela V-Beam laser treats wrinkles, lines and age spots. It also works on stretch marks, scars, acne, vascular lesions, and irregular pigmentation.
  • Laser treatment is effective for both small areas and large-scale treatments. Skin rejuvenation, tightening and rosacea treatment may all be performed with this laser.

Your Candela V-Beam Laser Treatment with Dr. Bharti

  • Your initial consultation with Dr. Bharti will cover your full medical history. Your personal treatment goals will be discussed in detail.
  • Anesthesia is generally not needed since the laser uses a dynamic cooling device (DCD) to cool the area. A cold spray is used before each pulse, minimizing discomfort.
  • The laser is passed over the area, giving off intense pulses of laser light. These pulses are targeted for the specific vascular problems or irregular pigments being treated. The rest of the skin is left healthy and unaffected.
  • Generally, most irregularities can be addressed in 1-3 treatments. Some scars or keloids require additional treatments.

What to Expect After Treatment

  • A moisturizer is often immediately applied to protect the skin and improve healing. Repeat this moisturizer treatment 2-3 times a day for the best results.
  • Protect the treatment area from sun exposure for the first few days. This helps prevent changes in pigmentation during healing.
  • Resume makeup application around the second day of recovery. Dr. Bharti will give you a more specific recovery timeline following your procedure.
  • Do not pick at or remove any crust that forms on your skin. This will disappear quickly, as will any light bruising or swelling that may occur.


  • Dr. Bharti offers other laser treatments in Johnson City that may provide the results you seek. Mechanical skin exfoliation procedures, such as microdermabrasion, may also be helpful.
  • Some conditions may be treated through the use of facial fillers. These restore volume, minimize wrinkles and smooth skin.
  • More serious scarring or pigmentation issues may require surgical removal. This is accomplished through a discreet and simple incision.