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Breast Reconstruction in Johnson City

Breast reconstruction in Johnson City is the final step toward physical and emotional healing for women who have overcome breast cancer. With a variety of different techniques, breast reconstruction can help restore the natural size, shape and position of your breasts.

Breast Reconstruction Johnson City

A tissue expander is placed beneath the skin, gradually stretching the tissue to accommodate an implant.

Breast Reconstruction Johnson City

Using the latissimus dorsi muscle, a flap can be created to reconstruct the breast.

Breast Reconstruction Johnson City

A flap can also use tissue from the abdomen. Dr. Bharti tunnels the tissue to the chest wall and recreates the breast.

Why Undergo Breast Reconstruction?

  • Many women feel that the scars following a life-altering mastectomy are a constant reminder of breast cancer. Breast reconstruction often provides a sense of closure for these women. The reconstructive process is often a very rewarding experience.
  • There are several effective methods of breast reconstruction that can restore the natural symmetry of your breasts and normalize their appearance in clothing.
  • Factors such as your medical history, current stage and type of cancer along with any ongoing treatments may affect your candidacy for breast reconstruction.

Your Breast Reconstruction With Dr. Bharti

  • There are two main types of breast reconstruction: autologous (flap) reconstruction and breast implant reconstruction. Dr. Bharti will help you determine which technique is right for you during the consultation process.
  • A general anesthetic will be administered prior to your procedure. Breast reconstruction in Johnson City is often performed in stages. More than one surgery or procedure is often necessary to achieve final results.
  • Autologous (flap) reconstruction involves transplanting tissue from a donor site on your body (e.g., abdomen, back or buttocks) to the breast mound.
  • Breast implant reconstruction involves the insertion of a breast implant behind the pectoral muscle. A tissue expander, similar to a balloon, may be used to "grow" additional skin prior to implant placement. Dr. Bharti may use dermal grafts such as Alloderm or Strattice to provide additional tissue support for your breast implants.

What to Expect After Surgery

  • Breast reconstruction may involve one or more overnight stays at the hospital immediately following surgery. The surgical technique used will dictate the number of inpatients days required.
  • It is normal to experience swelling, bruising and discomfort in the treatment area for several days. You may be discharged from the hospital with a surgical drain to collect excess fluid that may build up around the incisions.
  • Dr. Bharti will provide you with a special surgical bra that will need to be worn day and night during the first few weeks of recovery. He will also provide you with oral pain medication and antibiotics to minimize pain and the risk of infection. Most women are capable of resuming work within a month of surgery. Physical exercise should be avoided for six to eight weeks.

Breast Reconstruction Alternatives

  • Not all women are good candidates for breast reconstruction, and some women simply choose not to reconstruct their breast. In these cases, an external prosthesis that fits into the bra may serve as an acceptable alternative.


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