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Brow Lift in Johnson City

Stress, genetics and the natural aging process can cause unwelcome wrinkles and fine lines to appear on the forehead.  A traditional brow lift (sometimes called a forehead lift) is a cosmetic procedure performed to smooth these wrinkles and correct signs of aging.

Why Undergo Brow Lift Surgery?

  • If you feel like you look older or more tired than you feel, a brow lift is a relatively simple procedure that can take years off of your appearance.
  • Sagging eyebrows, horizontal forehead creases and frown lines can all be corrected with brow lift surgery.
  • A brow lift can easily be performed alongside other cosmetic procedures such as a face lift or the use of dermal fillers to create a more youthful, well proportioned facial appearance.
  • The best candidates for brow lift surgery will be healthy and possess positive, realistic surgical expectations and goals.

Your Brow Lift With Dr. Bharti

  • Brow lift surgery begins with intravenous sedation or general anesthetic to ensure your comfort during the procedure.
  • A long incision will be made, beginning at one ear and extending across the hairline to your other ear. The incision line will run behind the hairline to conceal visible scarring.
  • The skin will then be gently lifted and tightened to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. If desired, your eyebrows may also be lifted and secured into a more youthful position.
  • The scalp incision line will then be sutured with fine stitches and a compression bandage will be wrapped around your head.

What To Expect After Surgery

  • Immediately following surgery, it is common to experience some numbness or tightness in the treatment area. Discomfort can be easily managed with prescription pain medication.
  • Visible bruising and swelling will be present at the site of incision and may obscure the final results of your procedure for two to three weeks.
  • Stitches are usually removed in about one week. You should be able to return to work and other daily activities at this time.
  • Aerobic exercise and other strenuous physical activities should be avoided for up to six weeks.

Brow Lift Alternatives

  • An endoscopic brow lift is a popular alternative to traditional brow lift surgery. Incisions are typically smaller and there is less downtime associated with recovery. Dr. Bharti will be able to determine which technique is best for you.
  • If you are hesitant about undergoing brow lift surgery, there are several non-surgical alternatives. Botox® Cosmetic and dermal fillers such as Juvederm® and Restylane® may be used to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It is important to note that these procedures only produce temporary improvements.