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As of March, 2016 Dr. Bharti joins Hunstad Kortesis Plastic Surgery + MedSpa in Charlotte, NC. New and existing patients are welcome to call 704-659-9000 to set up consultations with Dr. Bharti's new office.

Facial Plastic Surgery

Facial plastic surgery procedures can rejuvenate your facial features to address signs of aging. They can also reshape specific areas of the face to improve balance and proportion.

If you're considering facial plastic surgery, it's especially important that you choose a skilled surgeon. Read on to learn about the facial procedures offered by plastic surgeon Dr. Bharti, serving: Johnson City, Nashville & Kingsport, Tennessee areas

Brow Lift in Johnson City

Stress, genetics and aging may lead to unwanted wrinkles and fine lines along the forehead. Learn how you may benefit from brow lift surgery.

Chin Surgery Tennessee

Chin surgery can reshape, reduce, or augment your chin. The procedure may involve surgical enhancement with an implant or reduction surgery on the bone.

Ear Pinning Surgery

Ear surgery, or otoplasty, can set prominent ears back closer to the head or to reduce the size of large ears. The operation is usually done on children between the ages of four and fourteen.

Eyelid Surgery in Johnson City

Eyelid surgery is a cosmetic procedure designed to turn back time by correcting excess baggy skin around the eyes. Learn more about eyelid surgery from Bharti Plastic Surgery.

Facelift in Tennessee

A face lift is your solution to those pesky signs of aging and droopy facial skin. Learn more about how a face lift from our Johnson City plastic surgery office can help knock years off of your appearance.

Facial Implants

Through strategic placement, facial implants can accentuate the areas of the cheek, chin, nose or lower jaw. Learn more about facial implants in Johnson City, TN.

Fat Grafting Johnson City TN

Fat grafting can be used to naturally soften, correct or augment physical flaws. Read on to learn more about the benefits, risks and expected outcome of fat grafting.

Neck Lift Tennessee

A neck lift is performed to counteract the appearance of inelastic skin, neck bands, lines, and fat deposits in the neck region. Learn more about neck lift surgery in Johnson City, Tennessee.

Rhinoplasty in Johnson City

Nose reshaping can dramatically improve facial harmony. Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure performed to improve your facial proportions in relation to your nose.