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Cosmetic Breast Surgery – What Procedure is Right For You?

Breasts are unique structures.  They can be very large, they can be very small, they can have a saggy appearance, or they can have a combination of loss of volume and sagging.  Many procedures are available to make your breasts look rejuvenated.

If small breast size is your main concern, then breast augmentation with implants can be a great option for you.  Saline or silicone implants can be used.  Silicone implants weigh less and have a more natural appearance.  Saline implants are cheaper, but can have a more un-natural feel and can have more rippling.  Implants can be placed with many incision approaches such as under the breast, around the areola, and through the axilla. 

If you have sagging breasts and loss of volume at the top of your breasts then you may need a breast lift (mastopexy).  This procedure is often done in combination with a breast augmentation with an implant to give you the volume at the top of your breast.  These procedures can be done simultaneously or in a staged fashion.  The implant gives you the volume you are lacking, and the lift moves your nipple to a natural position and gives you back a rejuvenated breast shape. 

If your breasts are too big, then a breast reduction is a good option for you.  Breast reductions remove excess breast volume and give you more youthful aesthetic breasts. Multiple techniques are available to perform breast reductions.  Reductions can sometimes be covered by your insurance policy if your large breasts cause you: neck pain, upper back pain, mid back pain, shoulder pain, grooving from your bra straps, infections under your breasts, breast pain, and embarrassment.   You should first see your primary care doctor or a back specialist to see if they feel that your large breasts cause these symptoms.  In addition, you sometimes have to demonstrate that trials of pain medications (NSAIDS) have been used to no avail.  Often insurance companies will want to see if weight loss will change the symptoms as well.  

For further information, make a complimentary consultation with Dr. Bharti to learn about your options in greater detail.