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Case Study: Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

HH abdo
This patient was a 37 year old 5 foot 4 inch female that weighed 135lbs.  She presented to Dr. Bharti with an interest to improve the appearance of her tummy. She was a very healthy full time mother.  She decided to have plastic surgery under the care of Dr. Gaurav Bharti because she was self conscious of her appearance both in and out of clothing.  She had significant extra skin and fat of the lower abdomen.  In addition, she had a large diastasis (gap) of her abdominal muscles.  This caused her to have a significant bulge in her abdomen most noticeable when she was standing.  After multiple preoperative visits she decided to have a full abdominoplasty (tummy tuck). 
HH abdo 2
She was taken to the operating room as an outpatient to undergo this procedure.  This was performed under general anesthesia.  During this procedure Dr. Bharti removed the excess skin and fat from the lower abdomen (pannus).  He also tightened her ab muscles (rectus abdominus muscles) using permanent plication sutures.  This serves the purpose of narrowing the waste and getting rid of her abdominal buldge.  Once he finished these portions of the procedure he then flexed her bed to be able to perform closure of the incisions using all absorbable sutures.  He then made a new opening for her belly button to be brought through.  Following this, liposuction was then performed of her flanks to further improve her contour.  She had one drain that was left in position to remove excess fluid in the immediate healing period.  Her drain was removed at her one week follow up.  She was then admitted overnight to observe her and make sure her pain was controlled.   The patient was then discharged home the following morning.
HH abdo 1
While recovering she had to wear compression garmets at all times on her abdomen for a period of 6 weeks using an abdominal binder and spanx.  She walked the night of surgery, but avoided any aggressive aerobic activity or heavy weight lifting for 4 weeks.  In addition, for the first 2 weeks she had to walk around in a flexed position and she slept in a beach chair position. 

Our patient is currently doing very well at three months post operative, and she is very happy with her results.  Her results will continue to improve as she resumes an aggressive exercise regimen and follows a healthy diet.  She will continue to follow up with Dr. Bharti to make sure she continues to be happy.   

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