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Facial Rejuvenation Case Study

This patient was a 51-year-old 5’7’’162lb female who presented to Dr. Bharti with a desire to rejuvenate her face to look more youthful.  Her areas of concern were her drooping eyebrows, her lower lids, as well as her lower third of her face and neck.

After several consultation visits and preoperative screening, she was taken to the operating room as an outpatient for a full face & neck lift (rhytidectomy), lower eyelid lift (blepharoplasty) and an endoscopic brow lift (foreheadplasty).  These procedures were performed in the operating room under general anesthesia. 
The first procedure that Dr. Bharti performed was her endoscopic brow lift in a minimally invasive pattern to avoid a large scalp incision line.  She had already had an upper lid lift in the past. 

Next, Dr. Bharti then performed liposuction of her neck and then performed the full face & neck lift using preauricular/retrotragal skin incisions.  The deep muscle layer (SMAS) was then resuspended using plication and purse string sutures.  This deep layer tightening is critical as this provides the patient with a durable lift.  The skin tightening is secondary, and if too much tension is placed on skin closure then this will result in poor scarring and unnatural appearance.  After the deep muscle layer was tightened the skin was then tightened and closed. 
The last part of the procedure was the lower lid lift (blepharoplasty) procedure.  This was performed to remove the excess skin and smooth the junction between the lower lids and the cheeks.  A drain was left in place in her neck that was removed in 5 days.  The patient was admitted for observation and pain control overnight and discharge home the following day. 

She was placed in a compression garmet immediately after the surgery.  This was changed by Dr. Bharti the morning after surgery and then replaced prior to her going home.  She returned to clinic 5 days after surgery to have her sutures removed and to remove her drain.  She was allowed to wear makeup on her incisions after 2 weeks. 

She is very is pleased with her results greater than one year out from her rejuvenation.  She has a natural and very refreshed look.