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Tips for Achieving Natural Results from a Breast Augmentation Procedure in Tennessee

Breast Augmentation Tennessee

Many women undergo a breast augmentation procedure to increase their breast size and enhance their feminine curves. When considering an augmentation for yourself, it’s important to note that the type of implant and size you choose will create different types of results. If you prefer a more natural, anatomical look without the more rounded shape, talk to Dr. Bharti about anatomic shaped silicone gel implants for your breast augmentation procedure in Tennessee. Anatomic shaped silicone implants are an attractive option for many women who want softer curves and a fuller shape that looks very natural.

Here are some tips for achieving more natural results from a breast augmentation procedure:


1. Consider different sizes.

Dr. Bharti will recommend a size of implant that is a good match for your body type, overall proportions, and your aesthetic goals. Even though you think you might need to go up two cup sizes to get the look you want, the reality may be that you only need to go up one cup size. Choosing the right size can help you achieve the most natural-looking result.



2. Implant location.

Breast implants can be placed in different positions in relation to your breast and chest muscles. Dr. Bharti determines the position of your implants based on the thickness of your breast tissue and your activity levels. Most commonly, Dr. Bharti places the implants in a dual plane position which is a combination of being partially under your pectoral muscle and your breast gland.



3. Breast implant shape.

Breasts that have been augmented with large round implants appear very rounded and tend to make the upper body look very rigid and typically create an unnatural-looking result. Anatomic shaped silicone gel implants will add the curves, but will appear more natural — they are designed with an anatomical teardrop shape to conform to your body.



4. Choose the correct profile.

Breast implants are available in different profiles which create different looks. High-profile implants tend to create a very ‘perky’ appearance while moderate and low-profile implants create a more natural look. Stick with a moderate or low-profile implant if you want a less defined look, but still want to add some volume to the chest area.


Getting breast implants is a very personal decision and you need to determine whether you want a natural or more artificial look. When you don’t want breast implants that look fake, talk to Dr. Bharti about a breast augmentation procedure in Tennessee with silicone gel implants. Schedule your breast augmentation consultation today!