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Get Tight and Toned Arms with an Upper Arm Lift

Upper Arm Lift Tennessee

Even if you watch what you eat and work out regularly, you may experience loose skin and excess fat around certain areas of the body. The upper arms are a problem area for many patients and you may be very self-conscious about sagging skin that is giving you a batwing-like appearance. Even if you build up strength and tone the muscles in the upper body, you may still have loose skin that is hiding the natural contours of your arms. An Upper Arm Lift in Tennessee (brachioplasty) could be just what you need to achieve a sculpted and toned appearance.

Reasons to Get an Upper Arm Lift

If you have gained and lost a lot of weight over your lifetime, there’s a good chance that you have sagging skin or excess fat deposits around the upper arms. Fat around this area can be very resistant to diet and exercise, and the issue of loose skin can only be addressed with a skin tightening procedure such as the arm lift. Non-surgical skin tightening treatments may not be powerful enough to restore the lost skin elasticity in this area, so Dr. Bharti may recommend surgery to ensure optimal results.

Some of the reasons to get an upper arm lift include:

  • You’re self-conscious about the appearance of your arms
  • You refrain from wearing sleeveless tops and dresses because of your arms
  • You want to achieve a more sculpted and toned appearance
  • You want to get rid of excess skin and fat after losing a lot of weight

Benefits of an Upper Arm Lift in Tennessee

An upper arm lift can be very effective in eliminating excess skin and fat around the arms so that you can maintain a toned look. Even if you have good muscle tone and work out regularly, loose skin can mask any type of definition and make you look out of shape. An arm lift can be very effective for reshaping the upper arms by tightening and smoothing the skin and underlying tissue. As long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle with a good diet and fitness program, you can maintain ongoing results from this procedure.

If you are tired of hiding your arms and want to achieve a more contoured look, schedule your

upper arm lift consultation with Dr. Bharti today.