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Restore Your Feminine Silhouette with a Breast Lift

Restore Your Feminine Silhouette with a Breast Lift

Many women who have lost their figure after pregnancy, yo-yo dieting, or the aging process are concerned about the look and shape of their breasts. If you have considered a breast procedure, but are satisfied with the current size of your breasts, a breast lift may be the right option for you. Dr. Bharti may recommend a breast lift to reposition the breasts and create a more feminine silhouette. We can remove excess tissue and tighten the skin to create a lifted appearance and without the need for breast implants.

Is a Breast Lift Right for Me?

If you are starting to feel very self-conscious about breasts that droop or sag, you may be a good candidate for a breast lift. The breast lift procedure can be very effective for correcting issues such as elongated breasts, stretch marks and stretched skin, as well as very large or outstretched areolas. Dr. Bharti can also correct a breast deformity such as asymmetry with the breast lift procedure. You may be a good candidate for this breast enhancement procedure if you:

  • Have droopy breasts
  • Are tired of dealing with sagging or elongated breasts
  • Have a hard time finding clothes and bras that fit properly
  • Feel extremely self-conscious or anxious about your appearance
  • Are ready for a positive change
  • Have considered breast implants to restore feminine contours

Most patients who undergo the breast lift in Tennessee enjoy both physical and emotional benefits after surgery. You may feel more confident in your own skin after a breast enhancement procedure and also feel less self-conscious about your appearance. Cosmetic surgery can be emotionally rewarding and is essentially an investment in yourself!

Getting a Breast Lift for the New Year

If you’ve been thinking about a cosmetic makeover for some time now, breast lift surgery may be the best way to improve your figure just in time for the new year ahead! We can schedule your procedure well in advance of your New Year’s celebrations so you can show off your new figure at those special events. Dr. Bharti will customize the procedure and may even recommend breast implants with a breast lift to achieve desired results.

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