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Brazilian Butt Lift: Curves for Days

More and more, women are embracing a curvier figure. Gone are the days of slim and slight—women are now wanting a shapely silhouette. At Bharti Plastic Surgery, we understand the desire for a shapely posterior. Cue the Brazilian Butt Lift. Adding volume, shape, and projection to the derriere, the Brazilian Butt Lift takes fat from the areas that you don’t want it and transfers it to where you do—your buttocks. Growing in popularity, the Brazilian butt lift saw a 15% increase in 2014 alone.

Along with their interest, our patients come in with many questions. We have answered X# of our most frequently asked questions.

What does a Brazilian Butt Lift entail?

A two-prong approach, the Brazilian Butt Lift shapes your buttocks while slimming and tightening fattier parts of the body. Liposuction is first used to harvest fat. Making sure to protect the cell’s integrity, Dr. Bharti will carefully suction out fat cells. The fat cells will then be purified and processed before being expertly injected into the gluteal muscles and soft tissues of the buttocks area.

How much fat is needed?

Each body is different, and thus, the amount of fat you will need is dependent your body’s size and proportions. Being healthy is important to the success of your surgery. That said, being 15 to 20 pounds overweight is ok can provide a healthy amount of fat to work with.

Every patient is different. “size and shape is futher enhanced by doing liposuction above and below the buttocks”.

How is a Brazilian Butt Lift better than a traditional Butt Lift?

While a Brazilian Butt Lift is not better than a traditional Butt Lift and implants, using your own fat does have its benefits:

  • Allows for a personalized approach. Fat can be injected in multiple areas—giving freedom that an implant cannot provide.
  • Similarly, fat also shapes well. Dr. Bharti will skillfully manipulate fat—giving you a naturally appearing and feeling buttocks.
  • Even during a traditional Butt Lift, most people need liposuction at the same time to help better shape their buttocks.
  • Lastly, by using your own fat, you do not run the risk of body rejecting a foreign substance.

  • What is the recovery process like?

    Most patients find that they are able to return to work two weeks after surgery. However, it is important that for the first two weeks, you stay off of your buttocks completely. Instead, lie on your stomach, sides, or stand up. Up to week four, do not sit or put pressure on the buttocks for more than 30 minutes. You are able to resume light cardio after two weeks and higher intensity work outs after four. As swelling subsides, results should become evident in six to eight weeks.

    A highly intricate and specialized procedure, the Brazilian Butt Lift requires an expert hand. Striving to give you a curvaceous backside, Dr. Bharti carefully tailors his approach to meet your goals. Taking into account your frame and proportions, Dr. Bharti will work to give your body a cohesive appearance.

    Ready for a rounder, fuller, and more buxom behind? Schedule consultation with us at Bharti Plastic Surgery.