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Labiaplasty: What to Know

Involving a woman’s most personal area, labiaplasty is not often commonly discussed openly nor freely. As Dr. Bharti says, “it’s often regarded as a ‘hush hush’ procedure that people don’t really want to talk about”. Due to its delicate nature, it is thus understandable that woman do not fully understand the intricate details of labiaplasty.

Let Dr. Bharti better help you understand labiaplasty.

First, Let Us Explain the Basics of Labiaplasty

According to Dr. Bharti, “the process of labiaplasty is the removal of excess skin and tissue labia minora”. Dr. Bharti further explains, “the amount of tissue to be removed depends on the amount in excess”. Labiaplasty results in a “better appearing vulva, improved confidence, and likely, more comfort with normal activities”. 

On why a woman may want to undergo labiaplasty, Dr. Bharti explains that many woman experience “painful intercourse, discomfort with exercise or normal daily activities, and a desire to improve the aesthetic appearance of the external vagina”.

Am I too young? Or, am I too old?

Dr. Bharti emphasizes that “there is no clear set age” when it comes to labiaplasty. He continues, “I have treated a wide age group of female patients for labia minora hypertrophy with labiaplasty from ages 15 to 60”. And while each individual woman may have her own reasons for choosing labiaplasty—woman of all ages come both cosmetic and functional reasons.

Are all labiaplasty procedures the same?

“There are different techniques,” says Dr. Bharti. During your consultation, he will go over your procedure in detail so that you are aware of what to expect as well as simulating to you “what tissues will be removed”. Only after fully understanding your “anatomy, and overall goals and desires” will Dr. Bharti decide on what technique will achieve the most pleasing results.

What about recovering from labiaplasty?

As one of the more sensitive areas, it is understandable to be concerned about your recovery. Fortunately, “although this area is highly sensitive, labiaplasty typically results in minimal discomfort”. Dr. Bharti takes special measures to best minimize post-surgical discomfort. Even when performed under general anesthesia, he uses local anesthesia to help “with post-operative pain control”. Most woman find that any soreness can be controlled with a simple pain medication.

However, Dr. Bharti does warn that “immediately after surgery, patients will have a fair amount of swelling” as well as being “very tender”. Recovery generally lasts upwards of six weeks and during that time, patients “are instructed to not place anything inside of their vagina”. Dr. Bharti will closely monitor your recovery to ensure that you “are healing in an appropriate fashion”.  

“Most often, patients don’t have any problems—they are very happy with their results. In fact, Dr. Bharti says the women he performs labiaplasties for “are some of the most satisfied clients that I have.”

Your Labiaplasty at Bharti Plastic Surgery

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