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The 5 Most Popular Plastic Surgery Procedures of 2013

Breast Augmentation Still the Leader

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Spoiler Alert! The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) has released their 2013 statistics early this month and to nobody’s great surprise, breast augmentation hits the number one spot yet again. This makes it a total of eight years in a row that the breast enhancement procedure has finished as the most popular procedure in the country. Talk about dominance.

But what were the four other most popular plastic surgery procedures last year? Here are the top five plastic surgery procedures of 2013.

#5 Facelift (133,320 surgeries)

It’s the procedure that everyone thinks of when they think about plastic surgery in Tennessee and even with the insane rise in popularity of minimally invasive facial treatments, the facelift is still able to establish itself as a popular way to put a stop to sagging facial skin and deep wrinkles.

#4 Liposuction (199,817 surgeries)

Sitting just under 200 thousand surgeries in 2013, liposuction in Tennessee continues to be America’s favorite body contouring treatment. With the ability of treating more than just the belly, liposuction can help remove those stubborn areas of fat from all around your body – be it those bothersome love handles, embarrassing muffin top, or that hard-to-lose double chin.

#3 Eyelid Surgery (215,641 surgeries)

The eyes are often one of the first things that you realize about a person and the area that you stare at during conversation, so it is no wonder eyelid surgery has landed itself the number three spot. Eyes that are suffering from puffy bags or sagging eyelids can cause your entire face to appear older. This is why a single procedure like eyelid surgery that targets these issues can knock years off your appearance.

#2 Rhinoplasty (221,053 surgeries)

The popular nose surgery is always near the top of the list of most popular plastic surgery procedures. In fact, the top two procedures have been the same since 2008, with rhinoplasty taking second each year. When asked what they would change if they could change one thing about their face, the vast majority of people often say their nose. Whether it’s too big, too small, crooked or droopy, the nose can throw off the balance of someone’s entire face. Rhinoplasty allows people unhappy with the appearance of their nose to achieve the look they want.

#1 Breast Augmentation (290,224 surgeries)

Ever since silicone breast implants were brought back to the United States in 2006, breast augmentation has been unbeatable, making that number one spot its home, sweet home. Why? One big reason is how easy it is for each woman to achieve her own unique look for her breasts. With options including implant size, filler material, shape, and profile, almost any woman seeking out breast augmentation can get the look that she wants. Breast augmentation in Tennessee has also proven to be an extremely safe procedure with saline and silicone implants approved by the FDA. The breast surgery has risen 37 percent since 2000 because of constant improvements to implants and new methods of surgery to make it better for the patients.

All kinds of women—mothers to movie stars and even breast cancer survivors—have made breast augmentation the most popular procedure in the country eight years in a row.

Data taken from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS).

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