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Case Of The Week: Blepharoplasty (Upper Eyelid Lift) & Congenital Eyelid Ptosis Repair

SH bleph1
This patient was a 55-year-old 5 foot 3 inch female that weighed 110lbs.  Her primary concern was that she had significant excess overhanging upper eyelid skin (dermatochalasis) that obstructed her vision and gave her a tired appearance.  In addition, she had congenital left upper eyelid ptosis (eyelid droop) where her left eyelid was in a lower position than her right eyelid with the eyes open.  She was otherwise a very healthy and active person and did not have any history of eye surgery or dry eyes.  She was seen on multiple visits to discuss her options and then plan for her surgery.  
SH bleph
Dr. Bharti and her decided to perform a bilateral upper eyelid blepharoplasty (eyelid lift) and a left eyelid ptosis repair.  This was performed in Dr. Bharti’s office procedure room under local anesthesia with the patient awake.  This is a very important part of the procedure when performing the very delicate ptosis repair. Dr. Bharti first cleansed the patient with betadine to disinfect the skin.  The entire time Dr. Bharti was talking and checking on his patient to make sure she was comfortable.  He then carefully marked the incision lines to perform the lid lift procedure to remove the excess upper eyelid skin.  Local anesthesia was then injected.  Ten minutes was then allowed for this to take effect.  After this, the patient felt no pain.  
SH bleph2
Dr. Bharti then carefully removed the excess skin.  After this was done on both sides he then performed the ptosis repair on the left side.  Dr. Bharti did this by performing a levator palpebrae superioris muscle plication (tightening).  This muscle is the muscle that actually opens your eyes.  After the repair Dr. Bharti then had the patient open and close both of her eyes to make sure that they were symmetric.  Once he was sure that her eyes opened exactly the same he then closed the incisions with a suture that would be removed in one week. 

Once the procedure was completed Dr. Bharti immediately started cold compresses to both eyes to keep swelling controlled.  In addition, the patient was given antibiotic ointment to apply to the incision lines and eye drops.  The cold compresses were continued every hour for the first 24 hours.  She was instructed to keep her head elevated.  The patient was sent home with pain medicines but did not require these.  She followed up in one week for suture removal.  Her next postoperative visits were at 1 month and then 3 months.  On her most recent exam she has a greatly improved field of vision, enhanced aesthetic appearance, and symmetry of her eyelid openings.  She now looks more alert and less tired.  She is very happy with her end result.