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As of March, 2016 Dr. Bharti joins Hunstad Kortesis Plastic Surgery + MedSpa in Charlotte, NC. New and existing patients are welcome to call 704-659-9000 to set up consultations with Dr. Bharti's new office.

Refresh Your Appearance with Juvederm


Are you unhappy with how your face is showing signs of aging? If you notice sagging or wrinkles where you would prefer firm, toned skin—the dermal filler, Juvederm, may be the best way for you to achieve the rejuvenated look you want. 
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Labiaplasty: What to Know

Involving a woman’s most personal area, labiaplasty is not often commonly discussed openly nor freely. As Dr. Bharti says, “it’s often regarded as a ‘hush hush’ procedure that people don’t really want to talk about”. Due to its delicate nature, it is thus understandable that woman do not fully understand the intricate details of labiaplasty.

Winter is the Ideal Season to Schedule Your Plastic Surgery Treatment

Spring, summer, fall, and winter—how quickly the seasons go. Transitioning into winter and preparing ourselves for the colder months ahead—the upcoming season is one of the busiest at Bharti Plastic Surgery. While there is no right or wrong time to undergo plastic surgery, wintertime is possibly the best time to undergo more invasive plastic surgery procedures.
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Real Men Wear Pink

For women with breast cancer, the struggle can last long beyond their diagnosis. Even as a survivor, a woman may still be greatly affected by her battle with breast cancer. Working closely with women affected by breast cancer, Dr. Bharti is quick to praise their resilience, “everyday I’m in contact with these women who are some of the most courageous women”. Emphasizing his admiration Dr. Bharti continues, “[women] who basically renew my interest in life because they’re so tough”.

As a part of their treatment, it is not uncommon for a woman to undergo a mastectomy of one or both her breasts. For many women, this is a devastating loss and can be almost as difficult as the cancer diagnosis itself. In hopes of restoring their bust line, breast cancer patients are more and more embracing breast reconstruction.
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Know Your Nose: 4 Rhinoplasty Myths Debunked

The nose is an essential part of our face and overall appearance. It is, then, no wonder that rhinoplasty—also known as nose reshaping, and more commonly, a nose job—continues to be a popular procedure. In 2014 alone, well over 217,000 people underwent rhinoplasty surgery. In spite of its popularity, rumors are prevalent. Not knowing what to believe, many are reluctant to something that can have truly wonderful benefits.

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