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Facial Rejuvenation

Woman s_Face We all age.  It starts the day that we are born.  It is a life process that does not discriminate and affects everyone.  Certain behaviors and environmental exposures can speed up the aging process.  Smoking and sun exposure are the main offending agents that will make you age at a faster rate.  It is never too late to stop smoking and to limit your sun exposure.

The question remains: What can I do to erase the signs of facial aging?  To attain a youthful face you must plan your attack using many tools and you must target all portions of your face including your forehead, eyes, cheeks, lips, neck, and the actual skin.  Using these tools you can slow the process of aging, and with surgery you can set the clock back many years.  Below is a list of options that can be utilized to keep your face looking youthful and surgical methods to turn back the clock.   These options are often combined to get the best result.  Each person is unique and will have different goals.  Therefore facial rejuvenation should be customized to each individual patient. 

Nonsurgical Management

1. Meticulous skin care regimen (Example: Obagi NuDerm system)

2. Avoid excess sun exposure

3. Wear sunscreen (most make-up has sunblock in it)

4. Moisturize  (even men need to think about this)

5. Bleaching agent (facial skin darkens as it ages)


Kojic Acid

6. Injectable fillers to fill erase shadows and fill in wrinkles



7. Neurotoxin to stop wrinkles from forming



8. Stimulate new  skin to form

Retinoic Acid

Chemical peels

Surgical Management

1. Skin Resurfacing

Laser Resurfacing


High Strength Chemical Peels

2. Facelift


Full face & neck lift

3. Blepharoplasty (eyelid lift)

Upper Lid

Lower Lid

4. Browlift


Open Approach

5. Rhinoplasty

6. Lip Augmentation


Fat Injection


7. Facial Implants