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Case of the Week: Breast Augmentation with Breast Lift (Mastopexy)

This 37-year-old female mother of three presented to Dr. Bharti with deflated droopy (ptotic) breasts.  She desired to have a more youthful appearance of her breasts.   She wanted her breasts to be lifted but also wanted to have an increase in her overall size.  She was 5 foot 2 inches in height and weighted 115lbs.  She was seen at several preoperative visits with Dr. Bharti to make sure he understood her goals and expectations. 

She was then taken to the operating room as an outpatient at a surgical center and underwent bilateral breast lift (mastopexy) and bilateral breast augmentation.  The first part of the procedure involved performing the breast augmentation. Using the incisions for her lift that he marked before surgery, Dr. Bharti made a space under her muscle (subpectoral dual plane) and breast tissue for placement of the breast implants.  He selected 350 cc high profile silicone gel breast implants.  The silicone gel implants were smooth round implants.  Dr. Bharti is very careful with placement of the breast implants and avoids any contact with the skin and uses antibiotic irrigation to prevent infection and capsular contracture.  After Dr. Bharti placed the breast implants he then began the procedure for the breast lift. 
Dr. Bharti performed a vertical breast lift with a superior pedicle for the nipple areolar complex.  With this technique our patient is left with a scar around her areola and a vertical scar below the areola.  The scar resembles a lollipop.  This technique is one of Dr. Bharti’s preferred breast lift techniques.  Skin is removed and some breast tissue is removed as well to provide a durable lift.  All absorbable sutures utilized.  During the procedure Dr. Bharti sits the patient up on the operating room table to make sure that everything looks appropriate and symmetric. 

After Dr. Bharti completed the procedure the patient’s incisions and breasts were dressed with steri strips and paper tapes, and a supportive surgical bra.  She was given pain medicine and antibiotics by mouth.  She was discharged home from the surgery center the same day as the surgery.  Dr. Bharti checked on her later that night by phone and then evaluated her the following day.  She then returned for several post operative visits at 2 weeks, one month, 3 months, 6 months, and one year after surgery. 
She has an excellent result and is delighted with her appearance.  We are very proud of her and how well she has done.   

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